Brand review: Australis cosmetics 

Well where do I start! Australis is an Australian makeup brand that is 100% cruelty free and don’t test on animals, there products are high quality and won’t break the bank which is always good! They have a variety of products for the basic foundations, powders and setting sprays to eyeshadows, primers and everything else you could need to complete your makeup look.

Australis have a wide range of velourlips matte lip cream lipsticks that come in all colours from bright pinks and purples to dark reds and nudes.

From left to right we have “rhi rhi wine-D” “Hon-o-loo-loo” “bae-jing” “los-angel-es” and “lun-dun”. The first colour “rhi-rhi” isnt as pigmented as the rest but you can always apply more coats until the colour picks up. These are some of the best pinks i have tried on the market, they are highly pigmented and are quite affordable, and i was very impressed with how easy they are to apply.

From left to right there is “ho-chee-min” “doo-bai” “mum-bai” and “em-ruled city”. Austalis have some amazing dark coloured lip creams my favourite has always been “mum-bai” its such nice purple-plum colour and looks amazing on all kinds of skin tones.

From top to bottom there is “bar-tha-lona” “mal-i-boo” “shang-hi!” “Rio-D” and “tok-i-o” now these were a special mini collection of some of the popular colours they have released, for mini lip creams they are very pigmented and have a lot of product dispite the size. These colour are just as good as the larger ones, just as pigmented and creamy. 
Overall i love all the velourlips collection and believe australis has done an amazing job with these in every way they dry nice and quick and last all day with out a reapplication, and for the price it’s a win, win situation! I hope this has help you get an understanding of the brand and of these amazing velourlips!


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