Lush haul! 

Lush is an Australian company that make hand made products, they have everything from bath bombs to shower gels and scrubs to hair and face masks. Everything you would need to make your skin and hair feel smooth and heathly they have!

I have purchased quite a few bath bombs over this long cold winter but sadly i used almost all of my collection, but with all the amazing colours and ingredients how could i not use them! So i have to start building up my collection again. 

I have 3 of the fresh face masks. Two are called “catastrophe cosmetic” these smell like blueberries and leave the skin feeling smooth and free of any left over makeup or dirt. The other one i have is called “rosy cheeks” and smells like roses it is so nice and refreshing, making the skin feel as good as new! 

The lip service lip balm is one of my favourites i use it under all my matte lipsticks to stop my lips drying out and i use it almost every night to keep the moisture in during this cold winter. The bublegum lip scrub helps scrub away any dead or loose skin you may have on your lips. The best part of the lip scrub is it tastes so good and you actually eat it after!

The African paradise is a body conditioner you can use in the shower, it leaves the skin smooth and saves you time after the shower moisturising, it also smells really good aswell.

Above is the brightside bubble bar, it smells amazing and also makes your bath turn an amazing pinkish, orange colour topped with loads of bubbles!! (And who doesn’t love a bubble bath!) This is after one use and as you can see i should be able to get plenty more uses out of it.

Overall i love all the lush products i have used and love the fact it is hand made and even says on the package who made it and how long it should last. Have you tried any of these products? Whats your favourite let me know in the comments! Xo


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