August favourites! 

This year has just gone so fast! Feels like it was a week ago we were all celebrating the new year and now its almost halloween!! My favourites this month are all very affordable and are amazing products. So lets get started!

Ill start with primer, ive been using this primer for over a month its from australis and is called “pimer the original” it is a very good primer that works well at prventing foundation fading throughout the day and also helps smooth and moisturise the skin before you apply the foundation. Too faced have some amazing bronzers this one is called “milk chocolate soleil” it is a light bronzed colour that just gives the face a nice light colour, and smells amazing!! It has cocoa in it so everytime i open it or place it on my face all i can smell is chocolate, which is great unless your on a diet and it give you a craving for chocolate! 

The foundation i chose is the body shops “fresh nude foundation” it has good coverage and surprisingly matches my pale skin which if you are a pale gal like me you know it’s a difficult task to find a light enough colour, but this one matches well and feels amazing on the skin. Adding the loose powder on top of this foundation is a match made in makeup heaven! It gives the skin a flawless look and feel and helps lock in the foundation so it lasts all day!

Australis have a wide range of blushes and all kinds of shades this shade is a nice light pink that isnt too bright and just blends in so nicely, there “take me on tour contouring and highlight kit” is perfect for travel it comes with a nice medium brown contour colour and a pinkish gold highlight shade and there well known banana powder that helps carve out that contour even more and can also be used as a concealer for the eyes. The “browz it” eyebrow kit comes with 2 powders and a gel to help you get those brows on point and last all day, it also comes with tweezers and a small brush for easy use on the go. 

Jeffree star cosmetics is a very well known brand these days and for good reason! His velour liquid lipsticks are so pigmented, dry matte and can last all day. This shade “im nude” is the perfect nude shade for all skin tones and is perfect for toning down any look.

This eyeliner is from kit cosmetics and is so blue and pigmented and has completed my already blue life! And adding chi chi cosmetics glitter eyeliner over the top just makes the eyes stand out and look amazing! 

And last but definitely not least, the better then sex mascara from too faced. This mascara is one of the best i have ever tried it makes the lashes big and bold with one swipe of the wand! 

So these are my favourite makeup products of the month of august. Do you agree with my top picks? Have you tried any of these? Let me know in the comments! Cant wait to hear your opinions! Xo


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