Bondi sands tan! 

Bondi sands is a company that sells everything you could ever need to achieve that bronzed glowing skin. They have a large range of products that can leave your skin looking a nice natural bronze or a beautiful dark shade.

Above is my collection of bondi sands products which include there new everyday tanning foam and liquid gold tanning oil which are amazing product that helps build up an existing tan or can help you start from scratch. 

Above is the gradual tanning range these can be applied on there own for a nice natural glow or to help bulid up an existing tan. The everyday tanning foam is so easy to apply and is absorbed by the skin straight away, i applyed it just before bed after a shower and woke up the next morning with a nice tan that covered my pale winter skin so well and for only one application i was very impressed. The gradual tanning milk how ever didn’t impress me as much, it didn’t blend into the skin as well as i hoped and after sleeping with it on i didnt see much of a difference but it does smell amazing and did leave my skin feeling nice and moisturised so that a bonus.

These are my holy grail i use them everytime i have a big event like a birthday or a wedding. It leaves my skin looking bronzed and delicious and ready for anything! 

The liquid gold dry tanning oil is perfect for a last minute tanning emergency, it goes on smoothly and it doesn’t need time to dry just apply and go! And who doesnt love gold and black packaging like it looks so cute and stylish.

These two are the second darkest colour they supply, i feel for my colour tone that these are a bit too much for me, plus I’m not used to seeing myself so bronzed, but it is a really nice colour and looks amazing on so many girls out there. 

Now bondi sands just came out with an “ultra dark” tan that is darker then these but with how pale i am most of the time i still feel like these are over the top for me but if you’re already a bronzed babe that wants a bit more of a darker tan then the “ultra dark” is for you! (If you would like me to review it, feel free to contact me or let me know in the comments)

This little can can be a life saver! The amount of times ive done a tan the night before an event and had a big white spot from where ive missed tanning the night before, but this is perfect for last minute fixes it washes off and leaves you with a perfect finish. 

I’ve been using bondi sands for about 2 years and i love it. I have not found another tan that has been so flawless and natural looking and not to mention it smells AMAZING!! have you ever used this brand? What do you think, let me know what you think in the comments below. xo


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