Coloured hair! Dont care!

Having crazy coloured hair seems to be the normal these days, some still turn there nose up at it saying its “unprofessional” but the days are changing and people are starting to open up to different things and that includes coloured hair! 

I have had blue coloured hair for almost a year now and all i have incountered is positive feed back. Of course there are some that are unsure of it and believe i will stuggle with certain things in life like finding work in certain areas and being able to afford the up keep but i took the chance and dived right in!

Dying my hair blue was a big step for me.i spent about a year going back and forth about whether i should take the plunge and join the mermaid/unicorn group! But now i have done it and had my hair blue for a while now i fear the day i may have to go back to a more “appropriate” colour. Having my hair coloured has changed the way i view myself, i feel happier and more confident about the way i look and more accepting of my flaws.

Once i decided to dye it i immediately started looking up blue hair styles to see what shade i wanted and what style i would go for, long, short, same length. I eventually choose to have long blue hair using tape in extensions to add more volume and length. I used 24″inch tape extensions from zala hair extensions and ended up with long dark blue hair with a light blue in the tips

The light blue shade didn’t last very long and ended up fading into the dark blue. It didnt look bad or anything so i just embraced it. But after about 5 months having tape extensions became more of a problem and was damaging my hair quite badly so i decided to get them removed and just bought some clip in ones so i could still have nice long blue hair without all the hassle of the tapes.

The only negative things i have come across would simply be the regrowth. Since i never really had the money to go to the hair dressers i eventually decided to bleach my regrowth myself after consulting my local hair dresser and purchasing the products i needed from my local hairhouse werehouse and discussing it with them i bleched my roots and applyed the hair dye i use regularly and it came out really good i was quite proud of myself after being scared to do it after a week! But once it was done i was so happy with the outcome. 

Everyone would tell me how difficult the up keep would be trying to keep it blue and re dying it every few weeks or so but I’ve had no issues with this and find it to be a fun experience.

I feel like my blue hair has become apart of me and i would just feel so lost without it. Do you habe coloured hair? Have you had any issues with it? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! If you would like to know how i deal with the upkeep or what dyes i use feel free to ask, Have a good day/night wherever you are around the world! Xo


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