Gerard cosmetics 💄

If there is one thing i can say about Gerard cosmetics is there packaging is beautiful!! I currently own some of there lipsticks and a couple lipglosses which are very pigmented and come in so many colours and shades. I have also heard some amazing things about there other products which i hope to get my hands on soon! I have quite a few so ill try to make this quick so lets get started!

First up all i can say is wow! The package on these are just beautiful, the all gold lipstick tube is such a clean and unique look that i haven’t seen from any other cosmetics company. Even the lip glossses look amazing with there gold cap and glass tube, it even comes with a little mirror on the side and has a built in light in the cap so you can fix your lips on the go! Which i think is just so creative.

Above are the shades fairy godmother, vintage rose and all dolled up. These some nice pink shades that are very pigmented and apply so easily. I used to always use the shade fairy godmother it really makes the lips stand out and makes it the focus point of the face pair that with a nice neutral face of makeup and its one killer look. 

These are the shades dragon berry, lilac moon and tequila sunrise. Dragon berry has to be my favourite shade its such a nice plum colour and looks so good on. Lilac moon is just beautiful such a nice light purple. Tequila sunrise is a light orangish colour almost peachy and is just as pigmented as the rest. They all give off such nice rich colours and can last a while throughout the day.

When it comes to lipglosses i don’t really wear them these days but i do like these two on occasion over the top of a lip to make is shine for something a bit different . These two are called sugar mama and pink tiara. The first one sugar mama isn’t quite as pigmented as the other one but it still gets the job done after a second application. However Pink tiara has a good colour pay of at first swipe and lasts a bit longer on the lips then the other one does, it is such a nice deep pink that looks great on a nice pink lipstick.

Overall i liked the Gerard cosmetics lipsticks that i got and would definitely like to try some more may even get some darker shades in the future to try out. Have you tried any of these? Have you purchased any from Gerard cosmetics? I’d  love to hear about it in the comments. Xo


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