Sleek makeup: highlighter 

Sleek makeup is something i really didn’t hear a lot of until they released this highlighting palette. They are quite afordable and are good quality so it really is worth hunting there products down, and if there’s only one product you could get this should be at the top of your list!

This highlighting palette has been a big trend for a couple months now and im so glad i jumped on this trend. The packaging is beautiful like just look at it! And to top it off you get 4 different highlighter shades. Three powders and a cream and it also comes with a small brush for application on the go and of course a big ol’ mirror.

​There is a light pink colour that is a cream which applys so well. The one on the right is a lavender shade that looks so beautiful. The bottom left shade is the one i use the most its a light yellowish shade that matches my pale skin tone perfectly. The bottom right shade is a darker golden rose kind of shade that would look great on darker skin tones or as an eyeshadow. 

Overall i love this little palette and highly recommend it. One of the best highlighters I’ve used and the fact it didn’t send me broke! Which is a huge bonus these days! Have you used this palette? Is it on your list? Let me know! Until next time! 😙 xo


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