NYX Cosmetics: avant pop 

Nyx cosmetics is an amazing cosmetics company that supply good quality products at affordable prices for everyone, This is the avant pop eyeshadow palette and oh my god I’m in love! It was so affordable and so pigmented.  there are so many colours available in it and they all blend in like a charm, just looking at this palette gets me so excited for Halloween and all the fun things i can do with it! 

i chose to swatch the colours i have personally been using the most, and of course i just love the blue shade and the white together i feel it just opens up my eyes and makes them pop! I’ve even used the white as a last minute highlighter and of course it matches my crazy pale skin. I also love the black shade with its sneaky bits of glitter and amazing pay off! And the green is the most pigmented green shade I’ve seen. 

This is a look i did with the palette using the blue and white and adding in there liquid white eyeliner and a black liner aswell, i also used Jeffree star cosmetics liquid lipstick in the shade ‘im nude’ just to make the eyes stand out.i love this look its so simple yet stands out and matches my hair so perfectly so thats a bonus.

I can just tell this palette is going to get put to work like crazy from now on, it’s fast become one of my favourites and i dont think that will be changing anytime soon. Have you tried any of the NYX products, do you love them as much as me? Or have you had a bad experience? Let me know! Id love to hear your opinions 🙂 until next time! Xo


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