Sugarpill: cold chemistry eyeshadow palette 

Sugarpill has some amazing products that are so unique and are amazing quality, i currently only own one eyeshadow palette but wow it was worth it!

This is the cold chemistry palette that i purchased myself. I’ve had it for about 6 months and have used it on a regular basis. It has become one of my favourites and has worked itsway into my regular everyday makeup routine. And as you can see fromt he photo below it has taken a bashing from me, and dispite that i still haven’t hit pan yet so yay!! 

The first colour is called soot & stars it is a very pigmented black shade and looks so good and is great to use to create a smokey eye. The second colour is called diamond eyes and my god I’m in love with this colour, it looks amazing in the corner of the eye and I’ve even used it as a highlighter because its just so bright and stands out so amazingly. Elemental chaos is a nice rich purple colour and blends like a dream! Subterranean is just as amazing as the other colours its a nice darkish green shade that looks just as perfect as the rest. 

These swatches just show how amazing these colour really are! Just a small soft swipe of my finger and the colour pay out is amazing! These colours are so versatile and blend so well with each other. 

I have loved this palette forever and was so happy when i finally got it and i will definitely repurchase it if it stays available! I also look forward to one day owning some of their other amazing products in the near future! Xo


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