Too faced

Now at the moment i currently only own two products from too faced but they have a large variety of products, and are very well known for there amazing smelling palettes and good quality aswell as a wide variety of eyeshadow colours and adorable packaging.

This bronzer is the milk chocolate soleil bronzer and first thing i noticed was its beautiful packaging and the amazing smell of cocoa. It’s just so pretty i never wanted to use it and the smell ughh! I just wanted to eat it, but once i did swipe my brush over it and placed it on my skin wow! It is so pigmented and the colour is flawless. It glides onto the skin so well and blends in amazingly. I was so amazed with how good this product was. I had heard everyone rave about it but because it was so expensive i never really put it at the top of my list but with a bit of birthday money i was able to buy this beauty and I’ve never looked back! 

This is the better than sex mascara. This is one i had also heard a lot about and jsut assumed it was all hype, i mean its just a mascara right? Any old cheap twelve dollar mascara would do the same right? I have never been so wrong in my life! This thing changed my standards of mascaras forever, Which i don’t know is a good thing or a bad thing but wow this wand is just magical just one swipe and your lashes stand out straight away, the only thing i would say is a down side is it can take some time to dry and if your anything like me that can lead to a big ol panda eyes and that isnt really wanted especially when you’ve just finished highlighting! But i still dont think thats a deal breaker if anything it just means you may have to be carful not to sneeze or blink to hard.

I love these products they are so amazing and well worth the money, they last for ages and look so good! I have a very long list of all the other too faced products that i would love to get  my hands on at some point. Do you have these? Do you like any of there products? Do you like them or have a bad experience? Let me know in the commentsid love to hear about it! Until next time! Xo


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