Chi chi cosmetics: eyeshadow swatches 

Chi chi is an affordable cosmetics company with a wide verify of products they are mostly known for their afordable eyeshadow palettes, high pigmentation and affordable prices throughout there selection of products. 

Above is the shadow palette nudes it is packed with everyday colours that can be used in so many ways. I swatched every colour so you can see what the pigmentation is like. It has a nice mix of matte shades and glitter shades so you can create any kind of eye look that you want.

This is the neutrals palette, i feel the pigmentation of this palette changes from each shade and some are definitely more pigmented then others. As you can see the dark shades stand out and some of the lighter shades look non existent. But I’m sure you could get a good colour pay off if you just apply quite a bit and it should give you more colour on your eyes. 

This palette is called pretty and for good reason, it is full of beautiful, bright shades. I especially like the purples and the blues, it also has a few light pinks and natural browns in there so you can create pretty much any look you can think of with it, but again some colours dont have as much pigmentation and may require some extra application. 

Over all i enjoyed these palettes and would buy more of the other palettes from chi chi but i was a little disappointed with the pigmentation but with the low price and amount of shades you get i think its worth it! Do you have any chic chi palettes? What do you think? Let me know! Xo


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