September favourites!

Ahh September that wonderful time of year where winter is ending and spring is finally rolling around! Now these products are some that have been around for a while but ive only just jumped on the wagon and i am so glad i did!

The NYX cosmetics avant pop pallet is just amazing! The colours are so pigmented and beautiful i can just tell im going to have some fun for this one!  Above the palette is the NYX white liquid eyeliner it is so pigmented and doesnt smudge at all! It looks so good for a bit of detail in any eye look.

This is the sleek makeup highlighter palette. I had heard a lot of good things about this palette but it takes a lot to pull me in on the hype of makeup palettes, but this one is just amazing the colours are so bright and makes you shine like a light! This palette is super afordable and you get 4 different shades to match all skin tones. 

Above is a quick video of swatches in natural light so you can really see how bright and colourful they really are. (See my previous sleek makup: highlighting palette for more details)

Next is my favourite lipstick from Gerard cosmetics, its called dragon berry and it is such a nice dark plum colour and is such a nice smooth texture so it feels really good on the lips and doesn’t dry out your lips. And as you can see it has been used and abused but the crazy hot Australian weather that we have been getting (yes it got so hot it melted my lipstick). 

I didn’t really purchase a lot this September nothing really jumped out at me to the point where i was desperate to try it, but hopefully i will have better luck next month. If anyone has some suggestions i will gladly check out some new things. Until next time! Xo  


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