Copper eye look

So i recently fell in love with copper eye looks. They look so nice and bold and seemed quite simple to achieve so i had a go at it to see if i could do it without looking funny! So here is my step by step guide to how i achieved my copper eye look.

I used these australis cosmetics intensifeye wet/dry eyeshadow palette and the metallix cream eyeshadow in the shade gold gaga. I love these products they are so pigmented and are so easy to apply and build up colour where needed. 

First i applyed the lightest shade in the corner of my eye and then just used the 2nd shade all over the lid, then i added in a little bit of the third shade on the outer corner and blended all of it out so it gave my eyes a bit more definition. Then i added the gold gaga eyeshadow over the lid to make it a bit more bold. I also used the second shade on the lower lash line and blended it out. I used my Jeffree star cosmetics velour liquid lipstick in the shade im nude to give my lips a neutral look and to make my eyes stand out more.

I decided to pair it with a nice long golden necklace and my new silver stretchers, to make it all stand out even more. 

I love this look and was quite proud of what i did, i may not be a professional or as talented as others but i like what i was able to do.

Do you like copper eyes? Have you done this kind of look before? I’d love to see and hear about it, let me know in the comments 

Until next time thanks for reading and i hope you have a wonderful day xo


8 thoughts on “Copper eye look

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  1. Copper is probably my favourite eyeshadow colour, you look stunning! I am so glad I stumbled across your blog, it is so lovely and you seem so nice. Keep up your hard work! x


  2. The eye look is very pretty but what I’m really staring at is the gorgeous blue hair 😍😍 I’ve been experimenting with colors lately. I don’t wanna damage my real hair so I may dye one of my lace wigs this color!


  3. Copper looks are so pretty! I love how this looks on you! It’s so pretty that you wore gold jewlery to match your eyes!


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