Eyeliner! Eyeliner! Eyeliner!

There are so many kinds of eyeliners out there i know it can be daunting, so hear is a break down of what i find to be the best product and the best way to use and apply it in my own opinion! Enjoy!

I personally find liquid pens to be the easiest to use, i find it gives me a nice sharp wing without all the effort of having to be careful. I feel a lot more comfortable with the pens because its easy to handle and doesn’t make a mess all over your eye which is a bonus, and if you do happen to over do it or accidentally get some where it shouldn’t be just a simple cotton bud can solve all your problems.

Liquid liner can be a bit difficult at first but practice and make all the difference! I do find once you get the hang of it you can do amazing wing eyeliner that really is “on point”. All these brands are very pigmented and have a lot of product in them dispite how small the packaging is.

Chi chi is an amazing brand that have these glitter eyeliners that go on so smoothly and have so much shine and glitter to them, they really are worth the money and can bring together a look so well. (See below photo)

I love how this look turned out, i placed the  glitter over a black liquid liner. I used the smallest amount on the eye to achieve this look. I then just used simple toned down lip and face makeup to make the glitter stand out a bit more.

I hope this helps you have an understanding of eyeliners and if you would like to see more like swatches or a step by step let me know in the comments or contact me on instagram @wintersdaughter. Thats for reading hope to see you next time!! Xo


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