Interview outfit!

I understand the struggle having a job interview can be and the last thing you should be worrying about is what to wear and how to look, so here is one of my outfit ideas of which i myself have warn to interviews. I hope this helps take some of the pressure off you at a time where you should be focusing on the more important thing, getting the job! 

I wore this outfit to an interview i had at a clothing store. Now the first thing i did when i found out i had the interview was to go to my nearest store and check out what the other workers were wearing, this can really help you get an idea of what there fashion sense is like and what you would be expected to wear. Now while i was in the store i actually ended up purchasing this t shirt dress from them and wore it to the interview to show them that i was interested in there clothing line and that i could wear what they sell to promote there products.

I also wore my denim jacket that I’ve had for about a year that i got from factorie. I feel it helps add a bit of edge to something simple. I chose to wear silver jewellery from colette and stretchers (from a store on ebay) to match my belt that i got from princess polly boutique, adding the belt made me feel like i have a bit more of a figure. I wore my favourite gladiator sandals aswell which i think ties it all together in a nice simple way. 

I chose to do a simple makeup look with foundation, blush, light contour and simple mascara and brows. I did it simple because if i was to go to over the top it might look like a bit much. I then curled my hair and put in my extensions to make my hair look as good as i can and hopefully convince whoever is interviewing me to think that dispite its crazy ‘out there’ colour it can still look well groomed and appropriate.

Overall the best prep you can do is research the company you have the interview with and be as confident as you can! Remember if they choose someone else over you it’s not your fault and there is always some other better opportunity waiting around the corner! I hope this helps and i wish you the best of luck!  Until next time! Xo


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