Mini kmart haul! 

Today i went to my local kmart and if your anything like me then thats a big deal! Kmart is just the best store, it has just everything you could ever need and is all amazing quality.

So i went in with the thought of “I’m not going to buy anything i’m just going to look around and see what’s new” which of course is never what happens. So of course i went in, had a look around and found the following items.

So first i picked up the blue exfoliating glove because i remembered I’d had these before and loved how they cleaned my skin and especially when i have had a fake tan on and need to remove it it just clears my skin right up. For only $2 aud it well worth it and super afordable!

Next i picked up the blue puff for only $2 aud i actually wanted to use this for a halloween outfit so when i do that i will leave a link here () on what i use it for and how.

i then grabbed the coconut d’lite shower gel. This smells so good!!! I can not stress enough how good this smells and the best part is it was only $3 aud! It’s super affordable and makes my skin feel so smooth.

I then grabbed this rose gold organiser now this is just the most affordable organiser for only $10 aud you get sticky notes, a ruler, page dividers, stickers, montly and weekly views, address book and a to do list. All in one book! I believe this is so great for such a low price and it looks so pretty with its rose gold colour.

I love visiting kmart and with there amazing products and good quality i will always go back aslong as they are still making such pretty products.

Do you use any of these products? Are you kmart obsessed like i am? I’d love to hear about your kmart finds! Until next time! Xo


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