Colette by Colette Hayman 

Colette is an accessories store that are spread all over Australia. They sell amazing hangbags, purses, clutches and all kinds of jewellery everything from necklaces to body chains to bracelets to ring stacks. Its all most impossible to walk in one of there stores and not fall in love with something.

Above is my tote handbag and my clutch. I have used the clutch everytime i have a night on the town or a night out where a big bag would be unnecessary. it fits everything i need including a battery pack and even has a built in card holder perfect for an ID card and bank card so you’ll never loose them on a night out again! 

The tote bag is so fancy and looks so professional and sleek. It has a simple design with all black detailing, simple stitching and helpful pocket storage inside. This fast became my everyday bag. It can fit all my stuff in it and having it in black means it matches all my outfits without clashing colours. 

Now this handbag i absolutely had to get i mean just look at it! Its a beautiful pastel blue and with an amazing golden detail, i just fell in love and i fell hard. i eventually added on a black pom pom on to it just for a bit of detail and also so it matches some of my all black outfits (which i happen to wear a lot of) just a bit better. 

I also have this purse i got it about a year and a half ago and it has lasted me that whole time i currently don’t use it due to an upgrade but it is still just as good and does what a purse should do. And the pattern is still so cute!

I bought these necklaces recently and love them so much! They can be layered or worn on there own. The best part of these is that they were on sale! And were very affordable and can match anything.

Colette is the one store i go to when i need a new bag or purse or jewellery. There large range and variety means i have never left without finding something i like or need! Do you have anything from them? Do you like there products? Let me know in the comments below! Hope to hear from you! See you next time! Thanks for reading! xo


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