Wedding lookbook

On a sunny day on october 9th i watched my uncle and his now amazing wife tie the knot after 10 years together! It was an amazing day filled with love and happiness and off course beautiful flowers, suits and of course dresses! 

Before the ceremony began i had a chance to walk around and look at the beautiful garden they got married in, it had a beautiful waterfall and flowers everywhere, it was such a Lovely garden and was just perfect. The weather was nice enough to not rain until the ceremony and photos were over so we managed to get back to the reception before the bad weather hit!

Now this is what i wore on that joyous day, i was not apart of the wedding party but wow did they look amazing. I chose to wear a nice spring style dress i got from black milk clothing. I paired it with some nude heels which were comfortable for about 2 hours and then i hit the massive regret point! I chose to have my hair down and did some brushed out curls to keep it loose.

For my makeup i did a nice copper eye look like i did in my previous post: copper eye look. I did simple blush and light contour but i couldn’t help myslef when it came to highlighter and i just kept applying until i was glowing! I didnt want to out “shine” the bride of course (like thats even possible) i tried to keep it all quite low key and as comfortable as i could knowing it was going to be a long day.

It was such an amazing day and i was so happy to be invited and included. I even got to sit in on the limo ride back to the reception and share in the first toast to the married couple with a nice glass of champagne.

Have you gone to a wedding or been married yourself? I’d love to chat about it! Until next time i hope you have a wonderful day or night wherever you are in the world! Xo


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