Blue and white eye look!

So im blue obsessed! And of course i really had to try and do an eye look with a blue eyeshadow. And just test the water and see what i could manage. So here it is!

So to achieve the look i wanted i used my favourite nyx cosmetics avant pop palette using the first blue shade all over the lid and then the white shade in the corner of my eye to make it all stand out. I then used a black eyeliner to do the wing then used the nyx white liquid liner to top the black liner. I added in a simple nude lip so they eyes are the focus and did a simple contour and blush on the cheeks.

I feel the white eye liner really makes my eyes stand out and look so much bigger then they are. And of course i just love the blue shade it was so easy to apply and blended out so well. 

Overall i enjoyed doing this look so much it was surprisingly simple and didn’t take as long to do as i thought it would have been.

Have you done any blue eye looks?  Id love to hear about it! Let me know what you think in the comments below!  Until next time! Xo


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