Lush: bath bombs review 

Lush have some amazing bath bombs and bubble bars to make any bath turn in to an amazing work of art. They are all hand made and only contain natural ingredients so its great on the skin! And also come with delightful little descriptions of what they are on the tags, which i love! So here are some of the bombs i have used. 

This is the brightside bubble bar after one use, it gave my skin a smooth feel and having a relaxing bath thats a light orange covered in bubbles is just so perfect after a hard day just to wind down. It also smells so amazing like seriously i couldnt stop smelling from the second i opened the Wrapping! 

This is another bath bomb i used i dont know what its actually called because i got it in a set pack for Christmas last year so it wasnt actually labelled. But this bomb smells so fresh and was such a vibrant green colour once added into water. (Also pictured is the lush face mask catastrophe cosmetic)

This bath bomb was called yoga bath bomb. I loved this one, it was so orange and smells so good! It made my skin feel fresh and smooth. 

Now whenever i have a bath i always put in some fresh hair dye just so i feel a little bit more productive after sitting in the tub for hours. I let the hair dye set in my hair while i just sit in the tub and relax.

Nothing feels better then a good bath, so if you like to relax in a bath that is colourful, fun and bubbly then chances are lush have a bath bomb that will be just what your looking for! Have you used any of there bath bombs? Let me know! Hope you have a nice relaxing week! Xo


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