Halloween look

AAAAHHHH!! it’s halloween!!! now that it’s officially November and halloween is over i may be a little late to the party but hey I loved my last minute costume idea and jsut felt like I  had to share it with everyone! so here is my super easy and affordable halloween look! 

So this is what i went with, yes a mermaid i just had to with my hair and everything so I started with a simple blue eye look see blue and white eye look for more details on how to achieve this eye look. I then cut a piece of a lufa shower puff off and placed it over my head and face then applyed a dark blue shade in the spots that i would usually contour and then placed a lighter blue shade where I would put blush. i then used a bit of highlighter in certain spots just for some shine. i then did the same process over my shoulders and chest until i was happy with the look, I then curled my hair and teased it so it would be big and messy. 

I chose to wear my black milk leggings called midnight mermaid legs then put on my bikini and wore a sheer white top with the sleeves rolled up and unbuttoned then tied up the front for a beachy look, I also wore simple sandals that aren’t pictured and a pearl necklace pictured below just to add in some little details. 

Above is a bit closer look of the scale look. I loved doing this makeup look it was so much fun and so different and also didn’t take much time.  

Did you do any halloween looks? id love to see them! I hope you enjoyed your halloween! until next time! xo



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