Disney night costume party! 

So since it was October my favourite adelaide night club is having a disney night!! And for the first time I’m  actually going to dress up and do something fun! 

I was so excited when i made plans for this night, i had all these ideas running though my head of what i could do and how i could do it on a budget so here is my costume and makeup look that i chose to do.

I chose to do a simple Greek goddess look, I wore my black milk clothing dress called the orange olympus dress and paired it with my sporty stripes hosiery stockings and my favourite heeled boots.

I started by doing my copper eye look for more details feel free to check out my previous blog post linked above. after my eyes i then did my usual contour routine then followed by highlighting, now I wanted to look like a golden goddess so I used my sleek highlighter palette and swept the golden shade all over my checks, bridge of my nose, forehead, bridge and tip of my nose and my cupids bow above my lips. I then curled my hair and tried to make it look big, then I placed my golden leaf headband that i got from colette.

Overall i had a great night with my friends and it was so fun dressing up as fun characters and seeing everyone elses creativity, i love this time of year where everyone just forgets who they are and become characters they love even if its just for one night.Until next time! Xo 


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