Makeup desk organisation!

Recently i had a moment where i realised i really wanted to reorganise my room, makeup and life. i have always wanted a nice, clean, organised makeup desk area. i love the idea of not having to store all my makeup in draws or hidden away, i love a nice area to sit down relax and have some fun doing my makeup and hair.

So to start off i started purchasing some really cute storage items for my makeup and other bits and pieces, which of course are mostly from kmart. i grabbed quite a few bamboo storage boxes which i found in the kitchen area so im sure it wasn’t intended for makeup but they looked so cute i just had to get them and see if they worked with the room.

Some included brands are:

  • Benefit
  • Australis
  • Too faced
  • The body shop
  • Chi chi cosmetics
  • Z palette
  • Sugar pill
  • Shaaanxo eyeshadow palette

Above is my forever growing collection of eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, blushes, powder, bronzers, eyebrow kits and much more. over the years i have been buying these products and growing my collection.

These are the items i keep to the right of the previous items. these are my most used foundations and lip scrub and mosituriser for when my lips are in need of some TLC. there is also the shaanxo dramatic lash sets. i also have my bh cosmetics brush set there aswell.

These little draws contain some of my glitter eyeliners, mini lipsticks, cream eyeshadow and eyelash glue. They are really sturdy and are well made. On top of the draws i have a cute little basket with all my liquid eyeliners in. then in the black container i store all my eyeshadow and eyebrow brushes.

Now these are my copper cups that i use to store my face makeup brushes, then i have a nice black jar holding basic sponges, makeup removers and q-tips. i also have some benefit mini collections that just look so cute and almost like books.

So this is my mirror i use for my makeup everyday, next to that are my Gerard cosmetics Lipsticks and Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks which are just so beautiful they needed there own place. also pictured is my vera wang princess perfume and the body shop mango body mist.

I then have this little golden container with some of my mascaras and liquid lipsticks. then theres my acrylic makeup holder with all my beauty blenders and little extras like, lip balm, lipsticks and other bits and pieces.

Now lastly there is these wooden draws. (With a cute photo of my puppy!). I use these for extra items i have like back up palettes, false lashes and extra foundations. they are really well made and can fit quite alot of stuff inside of them.

I love all these products and use them on a regular basis, and of course the packaging on most of these items are to die for! i have used almost all of these atleast twice in the time ive had them

If you see anything and want to know more about, it let me know and I’ll do what i can to help. feel free to request swatches or anything else that you would like to know. thanks for reading, until next time! xo


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