I have been stretching my ears for about 3 years now starting with just my ears pierced then to start stretching going up to 2mm and working my way up to where I am now at 12mm.When i first stretched my ears i went to a professional piercer that knows how to num the ear and stretch the earlobe without causing damage or too much pain. after about 4 months i then started to work my way up going to 4mm, 6mm, 8mm then 10mm then stopping at 12mm (maybe).

Above are my favourite plugs that I’ve owned i love the blue marble look, they fit so well and are very easy to wear everyday. its also a bonus that they match my hair and other blue jewellery really well. 

So these are some of the 12mm ones i bought of ebay for about $1- $3 aud each. i knew there was a risk but for that low of a price i was willing to try them out and worse case is i dont like them and dont wear them but luckily they were all really good condition and are so comfortable in my ears, they dont irritate me or cause any issues with my ears so i think it was a really good deal.I love the colours and designs that i have and really want to get more soon and build up my collection some more.the top ones are my regular everyday ones that im always wearing. the second pair are some more, what i like to call going out stretchers which are what i put in when i want to wear different ones. the third are some really cool plugs that i just love to match to all my silver jewellery. 

These are some of my 8 mm ones. they no longer fit me any more due to sizing up but i keep them just incase i want to go back down or something. these i also got online but from some random store i found one late night while hunting the internet on a sleepless night. the top two are made of wood and the bottom one is aluminium i think. now the middle one only has a bit of blue lines in it due to my hair dying misshaps so if you do get a light wooden plug make sure you take it out if you do dye your hair like i do. 

These are what i have used to stretch my ears over the years. i started small then worked my way up, of course i chose mostly blue and the occasional black ones. they are all acrylic except the short ones which is some type of metal i cant remember which kind. 

I love having stretched ears for some reason. i dont know why but i feel like its different and unique but also quite popular. if you do consider stretching your ears i suggest doing your research and speaking to a professional piercer before you take the plunge. just remember it is addictive and sometimes you think you’ll just stop at a certain size but most of the time you dont, in my experience anyway

I hope this has helped in some way, if you have questions feel free to ask away! until next time!


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