Xo beauty shop lash sets review

The xobeauty shop is an online beauty store founded by the youtube star Shaaanxo. the store sells good quality false lashes and makeup brushes all sold individually or in sets, there is also rings and other little bits and pieces on the website as well, including the revitalash serum which i would love to get my hands on one day!

I recently made an order to the store, bare in mind it is based in new Zealand so the currency is different to the Australian dollar so if you do place an order or are just browsing kep that in mind. i was lucky enough to have it work in my favour since the australian dollar is almost the sam as New Zealands. I ended up ordering the dramatics lash set and the duo lash glue that is stocked on the website.  

So i love these lashes, they have a very thin lash line so it is super easy to wear all day and i have no irritations when i wear them all day and all night while on a night out. the pack i bought is called the dramatics, the set comes with some amazing looking lashes and some more everyday but still dramatic looking ones as well.

when applying the lashes remember to size them up first and then trim if needed. i have a bad habit of not wanting to cut them because they are so pretty and new so don’t be like me!!

the duo glue is super easy to use and a little goes a long way you just lightly run it along the edging of the lashes and place it down on your own lash line or if your like me as close as you can get and hope for the best.

i loved my order and it didn’t take that long for it to reach me from New Zealand to Australia. the glue s good quality along with the lashes, i know i will definitely be buying some more and hopefully some of the brushes very soon. do you follow shaaanxo on youtube, have you bought anything from her store? id love to know about your experiences. thanks for reading, until next time! xo

Here is a link to the store incase you are interested: xo beauty shop

Disclamer: This is not an affiliation. i paid for all items myself and all opinions are my own.


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