Adult colouring in, relaxation and winding down.

After a long day i love to just sit down throw a big blanket over my shoulders, get a nice cup of tea to warm me up in this cold so called ‘spring’ we have been having and just colour in an amazing drawing..

I currently own four of Johanna Bassfords colouring in books and i just love them! She is an amazing artist that has given me (and many others) some fun pictures to colour in and wind down with at the end of a long week. 

She has released about 4 colouring in books aswell as postcards, calendars and even an artists edition book that is bigger and can be removed for display purposes. I do believe she has recently released some inky iphone/ipad colouring in sheets so you can colour in your own cover! Which i think is so creative and wonderful.

This is the first book i purchased and i love it. It contains some of the same images as the secret garden book but these are a bit larger and as i mentioned all the images can be pulled out and framed after being coloured in so everyone can see your amazing artwork.

This is the lost ocean book and it has some amazing drawings inside that are just gorgeous and really challenges you to use more then one blue colour for the ocean and to try and colour in with more thought as to wear the sun shining through the water and what amazing colours the corals and fish can be. 

This is the smaller versionof the artist edition and contains picture just as beautiful inside. This book has has such amazing detail in it and such small precise detailing in it, it’s amazes me to think that a person drew this with their hands. 

Here are some of the pictures i have done myself, keep in mind im not an artist i just do this for fun! 

I love these books and will continue to grow my collection aslong as Johanna Bassford is still creating these amazing books.

Do you have these books? Do you enjoy colouring in like i do? Id love to chat about it in the comments. until next time! Xo


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