Mini priceline haul

Last week priceline had a 40% off sale on all cosmetics so of course it was a huge frenzy and chaos of people just swatching everything and trying to grab as much as they can with both hands. 

I managed to grab the 3 things i went in for and restrained myself with everything else, i picked up products from australis cosmetics range. i had seen they had recently relesed some shade adjusting drops that i was really interested in and to see if they worked.  

Below is the ac on tour contouring & highlighting kit. i got it in the light complexion since im quite pale, they also are available in darker shades for darker skin tones. there are three dark shades perfect for when you want a sharp, dark contour and in the top row there is two light shades for highlighting and cleaning up the contour if needed. the middle shade is the banana powder shade thats quite popular and is also good for a light concealer aswell. the palette also comes with this big mirror perfect for when your contouring on the go for touch ups.

Below is the light and dark shade adjusting drops, i was very interested in getting these since none of my foundations ever match my skin tone even when i had a fake tan on. now all i have to do is add a single drop to my foundation before applying it to my face. i was very impressed with how well it matched my skin when i had applied two layers of bondi sands liquid gold tan the night before.

Im so happy with these products and so glad i got them during the sale. they are so worth the money, if you ever have a foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone perfectly these are just perfect. i highly recommend these products they are so afordable and are pigmented aswell. until next time! xo


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