Black milk: harry potter collection

Black milk clothing recently released a special harry potter themed clothing line with amazing dresses, tops, leggings and an amazing kimono! black milk have some amazing peices and collections dedicated to different themes, from lord of the rings to marvel comics! 

This is the hogwarts castle wifey top. i just love this top, i will admit i wasn’t really expecting it to be as high on the neck as it is but that was because i didnt look at the pictures for long enough i just seen blue and harry potter and like magic it was in my shopping cart. it is so detailed dispite being on a top and no matter your bust size it doesnt stretch or look odd in any way. 

This is how i chose to style it when i first received it, i wore it with my highwaisted leggings and just a simple knitted cardigan for a nice simple everyday look. 

This dress is my favourite! Its called the great lake vs great hall iso (in side out).I actually wore the great hall side to a friends birthday dinner and then flipped it to the great lake side for when i went out on the town! its such a beautiful dress and who doesnt love harry potter! 

Now these are the scoop skater dress set after the houses at hogwarts, i havent gotten myself one yet! now i myself am a slytherin so that’s at the top of my list. These dresses are just so pretty and so well designed and i really hope i can pick one up soon! (pictures from the blackmilk website) 

This is the invisibility cloak swan kimono unfortunately it is sold out and no longer available which makes me want to cry. i dont know how i would have styled it or where i would have worn it to but just walking around the house dramatically would have been just perfect. but sadly they said it was limited due to low stock of the fabric. but i am glad they adressed peoples questions about the stock. 

I’m just obsessed with black milk and I’m sure i will be writing more post about my other pieces soon so let me know if you are interested in that or if you would like to request any items i have, until next time! xo


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