Mini benefit collection

Over the past year I have fallen in love with benefit cosmetics, they have amazing products and oh my god the packaging is just adorable!! I started of my collection during a really good sale at my local Myer centre they had everything $35 and under and I just had to get something even if it sent me broke! 

After that sale i was just addicted to the small sample like sizes because even though they are small they last for ages and do not disappoint at all. below is a little description of whats inside the sets i own and what i think of the quality.

now this is the soft and natural brow kit it contains:

  • Goof-proof brow pencil 
  • Ready set brow 
  • High brow highlighter
  • Stencil holder and two stencils

These are really good products

This set was one of my favourites it has some of my most used products it features:

  • They’re real black mascara
  • They’re real brown mascara
  • They’re real push up liner 
  • They’re real remover

This eyeliner is perfect for anyone just starting to learn how to do eyeliner and makes doing winged liner so much easier. the mascara make your lashes super long with only one swipe and the remover does just that, it removes all eye products without hurting your eye or causing stinging. 

So in the myer sale i managed to pick up a mini collection set called the world famous neutrals. It contains:

  •  two cream eyeshadows called birthday suit and my two cents. 
  •  powder eyeshadows called call my buff, guilty,pleasure, it’s complicated and kiss me, I’m tipsy. 

These are really smooth and creamy eyeshadows that have really good pigmentation and are quite easy to apply. They do not disappoint they are just as pigmented dispite the small size. The shades in the z palette actually came inside the box but i was running out of space and decided to remove them and put them in the palette.

I also picked up this cute little feelin’ dandy set, it contains: 

  • Posie tint (cheek tint)
  • Bene tint (lip tint)
  • High beam (highlighter)
  • Bene balm (lip balm)
  • Dandelion  (lip gloss)

I just love the high beam highlighter it makes my face glow like the sun and who doesnt want that! the other items i havent really used as much, they are good quality i just dont have much interest in using lip and cheek tints these days i might however in the future.

I love these little sets, they are such great products and are so good in price so if you can afford the full sized items these are a great alternative and of course with Christmas coming they are just perfect for any of your makeup loving friends or even just for yourself! thanks for reading until next time! xo


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