Bh cosmetics brush review

I recently made my first bh cosmetics order online. this cosmetics company was really well known for there afordable cosmetics and great quality so i decided to order a couple things and see for myself.

The first thing i knew I had to buy was the shaaanxo eyeshadow & lipstick palette which i had wanted for quite some time. next i grabbed the bh cosmetics dot collection 11 peice brush set because you can never have too many brushes! 

So above is the shaaanxo eyeshadow palette and a couple of the bh cosmetics eye brushes. the palette is amazing quality and so versatile with matte and shimmer shades so all these shades could make hundreds of different eye looks and some can be used for highlighting if wanted aswell. 

This is the bh cosmetics dot collection 11 peice brush set and i must say I had low expectations for the quality of these brushes i wasnt eexpecting them to be any good but wow I was so wrong they are smooth and thick, the individual hairs of the brushes never came oot even after I used them multiple times and washed them they stayed put and there was no hair loss at all. 

Overall i was so happy with my order and will definitely be making another order soon! until next time! xo

Disclamer: This is not an affiliation. i paid for all items myself and all opinions are my own.


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