Dolls kill Black friday haul!

This was my very first black friday sale of which i actually participated!! i have never had the money or the preparation to actually buy anything for the sales but this year i went crazy! 

So living in Australia we dont actually have thanksgiving or the massive sales that follow but quite a few stores have jumped on the train and are now participating in the sales which are so great for me, and even better most of the online stores that are based overseas they had free shipping!!! which if you shop online at all you know the shipping can be the part that can kills your bank account. 

So this is just some of the things i ordered from dolls kill, i have been obsessed with all the amazing shoes they stock and the different and unique clothing that i just love! 

So the large strappy platforms are called the Y.R.U “nightcall high platforms” and they are just beautiful they are so tall but also surprisingly comfortable, i was just in love with them and the second i put them on i knew i would be wearing them every chance i got. the other shoes are the current mood “satan says platforms” and again they are super comfortable dispite the height and the straps just look amazing and make an awesome pentagram when they are on your feet.

I also got the lime crime duo velvetine lipstick. The set comes with two matte lipsticks in the shades “raven” and “marshmallow” i wore the shade raven to an event this past wendsday and it lasted quite well, it did flake off a little bit after i had a few drinks but i expected that, it’s a really nice deep purple colour that i think looks great against my pale skin tone. i wore the marshmallow shade during the day, it’s a nice natural everyday nude shade that i think could look great on any skin tone. 

The skirt is called the “tulle high low maxi skirt” its a nice long length so that when im wearing flats it does run along the ground but if im in some big heels (like the ones above) and it sits half way though the heel of the shoes so it’s not too short on my legs, so if you’re really tall or have amazing long legsthis would be a great length for you!

I love all these products and am so happy with my order, i will definitely be making another order very soon (already made another one actually so stay tuned for that!)  


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