Shop miss a haul 

Recently i discovered this website called shop miss A. (Link down below) had seen some instagram posts and youtube videos about the store and i finally got around to checking it out myslef.

I had heard quite a few reviews saying they supplied good quality items at amazing prices. First i was a little sceptical about it since all items are really quite cheap and i wasnt really sure what to expect when i was placing my order. 

The first thing i oredered was the makeup brush set which to me seemed like a good risk it cost me about $13 aud and i received five face brushes and 5 eye brushes. The brand is called AOA Studio which i had never heard of until i seen them on the website. the quality is so amazing, i really wasn’t expecting it but i was so shocked and super happy with them i definitely recommend them and i will be looking into getting more brushes from the sight.

The second item i got was the pearl necklace which was only $1.30 aud. its a really nice necklace it didn’t feel or look cheap in anyway and when i wore it, it didn’t leave any marks or discolouration on my skin. for what it cost me i was super pleased. 

The last one i picked up was the lashes, they are human hair lashes which i have never used before but the are good quality and are quite big and dramatic which i personalty like, but if its not your style or if you are just starting out and dont want to shock yourself they also supply some more natual looking ones.

Overall i was thrilled with my order, the shipping didn’t take long or cost much at all and the items are really good quality for a really good price. i will definitely be making more orders soon and look forward to seeing some new stock on the website for me to grab! have you bought anything from this store? id love to hear your experiencs with them. until next time! xo 

Here is a link to the store incase you are interested in checking them out! shop miss A

Disclamer: This is not an affiliation. i paid for all items myself and all opinions are my own.


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