Dare! dont care!

Dare is an amazing hair dye that have a large range of colours that are bright and can turn your hair into the mermaid/unicorn colour that you’ve been dreaming of they even have pastel colours to fulfil all your hair dying needs! Weather you are just starting out or are looking to freshen up a current colour I’m sure dare have something for you! 

This is the colour i use its called blueberry bomb. It’s  a beautiful dark blue shade that just makes my hair look so vivid and bright.i used this colour to dye my hair extensions aswell as my own hair to make sure they all matched. When i dyed my new dutchess clip in extensions i had to use two tubes, just to make sure i covered all the hair and all the clips so they wouldn’t show through when applied in my hair. They took the colour so well and looks so healthy so no damage was done after all the dying. Once i put them in they matched my hair perfcetly and sat really well in my hair.

They have a wide range of colours so if you have ever thought of dying your hair a crazy, amazing colour this is a good choice to start out with. And it lasts a lot longer then you would think. 

I dye my hair about once a month unless i have an event and want it to look exta fresh and full of colour. The bottle come with 150ml which is quite a lot and manages to cover all my hair and gives me a bit left over for any spots i miss or for a small touch up later down the track. 

Everytime i dye my hair i usually apply it all over my hair and let it soak in for as long as i can and the best way i find to do that is to have a nice long, relaxing bath with an equally amazing lush bath bomb. The last time i dyed my hair i used the brightside bubble bar and left my hair up in a clip until i was done my bath. I then washed it out in the shower (i find it easier to get it all out this way) after that i do my usual hair routine with all my treatments and let it my hair air dry. This colour does fade everytime i shampoo my hair but i usually put it off as long as i can to make the colour last longer and most of the time it does involve a day or two using dry shampoo, or as i like to call it a dyed hair life saver! 

Overall i have loved this brand and the amazing colour it gives my hair, i will probably continue to use this dye colour unless i decide to change my colour from blue which i find doubtful but you never know! What crazy colour do you have? Have you tried this brand? Let me know in the comments! Until next time! Xo


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