Colourpop haul

Duing the black friday sales colourpop had free international shipping and i was so excited to place my first ever order with them! i swear everyone has heard of them and loves there makeup, but if you haven’t they are really well known for all there eye shadows and lipsicks and for having really good prices for really good quality.

So after hearing about them non stop on instagram and youtube i was really looking forward to buying something from them to judge for myself, i chose to order the highlighter set called cookies it came with three highlighter shades all for people with pale skin tones like i have. 

So i received my order in this cute box, with plenty of foam all around the products to prevent damage while making its way to me. I also got the cutest had writen letter from 10 year old mia (thanks mia!). 

All the shadows were were still intact, but some of the foil saying “colourpop” had not stayed on the container which is a shame since i love perfect packaging but thats not really there fault i guess these things do happen. 

The box is a nice collection called mile high it contains six eyeshadows in amazing shades that could make so many different eye looks. I just love the box it came in aswell it is so cute and has such great detailing in it. 

These are the supershock highlighters in the set cookies. These shades are designed for mostly pale skin tones but of course if you have a darker skin tone you could also wear them. They are such nice colours and i cant wait to try them out. 

I will be posting swatches of these very soon and will let you know what i think of the quality and pigmentation aswell. Until next time! Xo


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