Sephora haul

I finally got around to ordering some stuff from sephora during the sales and i finally got my first tarte cosmetics! i have always wanted tarte makeup i had heard good things but whenever i had the opportunity to get something they were out of stock or i didnt want to pay full price. 

So i managed to pick up some products from tarte and luckily im getting in late to this so its all in stock and i dont have to panic about jt going out of stock during the sales and missing out! they are quite pricey but being on sale really helped me get my hands on them

First i tried out the full coverage foundation and oh my god!! Its so good! It lasted all day and even stayed on during my afternoon nap, which makes it so impressive to me. I did get it in a darker shade then i realised but once i have a tan on im sure it would be fine. The concealer is just as amazing and has great coverage. 

The tarteist eyeliner gel is as amazing as I’ve heard it is it makes such a great wing and the little brush is just perfect for getting right into the corner of my eyes and giving me a sharp wing with no problems. 

Here is how the eyeliner turned out for me and i am just obsessed with it and really need to get a full sized one as soon as i can! 

Im so happy with my order, the shipping was super quick and all the products are just amazing. I highly recommend these products to anyone looking to try them. Until next time! Xo 


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