Y.R.U Shoes

For the past 4 years i have been obsessing over the amazing different styled shoes from Y.R.U shoes. They are so unique and come in so many diferent styles, colours and Heights.

I first discovered them when i seen a post on instagram of there popular shoes called ballet bae platforms. So after years of waiting i finally bought them!

So these are them!! I am just so in love with them and never want to take them off, they are so surprisingly comfortable, i wore them on a night out where i was on my feet for 5 hours+ and had almost no pain i did end up with some tiny blisters on the top of two of my little toes but that was way better then i expected. They have heaps of padding on the sole of the shoe and it doesnt feel uncomfortable at all.

Dont let the huge size of them make you think they are impossible to walk in because it is super easy the heel and front platform line up so well that it doesnt even feel like I’m wearing heels at all. They match any outfit you can think of, like anything! They also come in pink and white aswell as the black, so no matter what theres a colour for you!

Im just so happy with these shoes and really want to get more colours so no matter what i wear i will have shoes to match! Thanks for reading, until next time! Xo


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