Must have mascaras! My go to and favourites!

I’ve noticed quite a few of my friends and family dont really know how good a mascara can be until they try a good quality one, and i admit that was exactly the same until i tried the following mascaras. 

So these are my favourite mascaras, i use anyone of these everytime i do my makeup and they all have amazing, different formulas and make my lashes look great.

This is the covergirl clump buster mascara. It is very afordable and can be found in supermarkets and many stores that stock the brand. I use it almost every day and it does wonders to my lashes the wand is curved so you can reach all those tricky corner lashes and really make all your lashes stand out and therefore make your eyes pop aswell.

This is a very well known mascara but incase you haven’t heard of it, it’s called the better then sex mascara from too faced. This mascara is just magic it makes your lashes look like you have fake ones on without the discomfort and lash glue mess. It has a weirdly shaped wand but it coats all the lashes so well.

Lastly these are my covergirl star wars collection mascaras, i love these mascaras each one makes my lashes look so good in different ways and also have really cool star wars quotes on them. 

Have you tried any of these? Whats your favourite mascaras? Id love to know and maybe even give it a go myself, let me know in the comments below. Until next time! Xo


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