Recently I have been obsessing over wigs! It is the easiest way to change up your hair colour or style without damaging or committing to changing your hair style. 

So after seeing some amazing companies that sell wigs I decided to check them out but after a quick look around I realised a lot of them were out of my price range and even if I did buy an expensive one there’s no guarantee that I will like it or that it be good quality. So I ended up buying one off eBay, now I know it was a risk that it could be really bad quality or I wouldn’t even receve it, but I decided to take the risk and order the following one.

Now this is the one I ordered. It is a 30cm Gray-silver wig it only cost me $11 aud and it has quite a bit of hair on it, it is also completely synthetic hair. It fits my head really well and has some clips to help keep it tight on my head. The only thing I don’t like is the fringe it’s just a bit too long and covers my eyes way to much, but I do hope to get up the courage to cut it shorter soon so I can wear it with out the beanie. Wearing it with the beanie helps hold the fringe hair out of my face and cover any parts of the top that might give away the illusion that it’s my real hair. 

I love the colour of the hair and think it actually suits me well, of course I’ll never get rid of my blue hair but it’s good now that I can change my hair colour whenever I feel like it without damaging my hair. This wig also feels quite smooth and silky, it does knot quite easily but a good brush before and after each use helps. 

Overall I am now obsessed with wigs and really want to buy more in different colours and cuts just to try something different. Do you wear wigs? Do you enjoy wearing them? I’d love to know! Thanks for reading and until next time! Xo 

Here is a link to the wig i personally bought incase you were interested in checking it out or have any other interest in it: gray 30cm wig


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