Xobeauty haul

About a month ago i placed an order to the online store called xobeauty, i found this store because I’ve spent the past few years watching shaaanxo on YouTube, she makes makeup tutorials and daily vlogs, she has an amaizng personality and is very passionate about her makeup and is continuously trying to better her skills and help teach and inspire millions around the world.

The store stocks many different products but is mostly focused on false lashes and makeup brushes, but there are quite a few different thing you can find on the store.

I received my order about 2 weeks after i placed the order, which considering the shipping from New Zealand to Australia can sometimes take a lot longer i was quite impressed.

I only ordered the dramatic lash set and the duo lash glue, just to test the quality and to see if i wanted to order more in the future rather then ordering a large amount to find it to be bad quality.

First i used the lashes to see if i liked the look and the fit aswell as see if they would hold up all day without any issues. i was very impressed after trimming them down to fit my eyelid right i used the duo lash glue to stick them down and the glue was a lot better then some of the ones i had used previously, it didn’t burn my eyes or sting at all. the only down side to the glue would be it has a bit of an odd smell but remember it is glue and sometimes thats the price we have to pay for beauty.

The lashes lasted all day with the glue and didnt really lift much except in the corner of the eye but that was mostly due to my amateur level of lash application skills so it definitely wasnt the glue or lashes fault.

Here is a link to the store if you would like to check out the products or make a purchase: http://www.xobeautyshop.com

Overall i was so happy with my order and would love to get some more lashes and maybe one day try out the makeup brushes. have you tried any of these products? have you bought anything from that store? Id love to know! until next time! xo

Disclamer: i paid  for all these products myself and am in no way connected or afflicted with shaaanxo or the xobeauty store. all opinions are my own and have been trested and reviewed by myself


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