Shaaanxo x bh cosmetics eyeshadow & lipstick palette 

I have been watching Shannon Harris (known as shaaanxo) on YouTube for at least 2 years now and all i can say is that she has inspired and taught me in so many ways. she does amazing beauty videos, reviws of products, funny daily vlogs and around the holidays some crazy amazing costume ideas. she is a talented person with an amazing personality, that inspires millions aound the world.

She released an eyeshadow and lipstick palette with the company bh cosmetics about maybe a year ago (dont quote me on that). it is a double sided palette, it’s very small and compact, perfect for anyone that travels regularly and it also contains very neutral and diverse shades aswell as some bold lipstick shades.

starting with the eyeshadow side it contains 9 shades that can be used in so many diferent ways, they are so pigmented and look so beautiful when on the eyes. the colours are so versatile and can be used in many different combinations. so let your imagination run wide and do whatever your heart desires with this palette!

This is lipstick side to the palette, it has some great colour choices which surprised me, i was a little worried it would be filled with just pink toned shades but there are a few nudes and darker shades witch made me quite happy since i personally dont wear many pink lipsticks now my hair is blue i feel it clashes and just isnt my style anymore.
Disclamer: This is not an affiliation. i paid for all items myself and all opinions are my own.


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