Heels! Heels! And more heels! 

I have been collecting heels since i was around sixteen and slowly learning how to actually walk in them without falling over or looking like a new born giraffe.

Now these are my babys! I have never been able to walk in these outside the house and im glad because they have an amazing pattern on the bottom. They are an amazing rainbow pattern and are just gorgeous, i bought these from dollskill for around $50 usd while on sale.

These are my favourite knee high boots. They have a nice big platform on them aand are so surprisingly comfy. I bought these myself from boohoo for around $80 aud. I wear these all the time when i have an event and i just love how they can make any outfit a bit more dressy.

These are the ballet bae platforms from Y.R.U shoes (for more info see my Y.R.U Shoes) im just in love with these, they have lots of cushion on the bottom so your feet actually dont hurt as much as you would think, the silk lacing is so nice and looks amazing! Im just obsessed!

These are called satan says platforms from current mood they are so cool, and comfortable i just love the detail and the height! 

As you can tell i am just shoe obsessed these aren’t even all i own! I hope you enjoyed this and see you next time! Xo 


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