Shaaanxo eyeshadow palette eye look

After months of wishing and wanting the shaaanxo x bh cosmetics palette I finally got my hands on it! and oh my gosh this is so beautiful and was well worth the wait! this compact palette comes with nine eyeshadow shades (pictured below) and nine lipstick shades on the other side, it is so well sized yoy could take it travelling with you or just in your bag or clutch for touch up during the day! so here is one of what could be many of my looks using this palette! enjoy! 

So after I plucked up the courage to ruin the perfect looking palette i dove in. I started with the first shade that white matte shade and placed it all over the lid then I used the third shade which looks like a sshimmery rose gold colour so i placed that all over the lid then used the redish shade under that to blend out into the crease i also used the same shades on the lower lash line and blended them out aswell. i then used the 2nd shade on the top row in the palette in the corner of my eyes and in the brow bone area to highlight. 

then I did a big winged eyeliner, it took me about three atemps to get the wing just right so don’t worry if you don’t get it straight away or feel free to leave that out it’s still a nice look without it. after the wing was done and dried up a bit i then added on some simple but dramatic lashes to make my eyes stand out. I chose the glamourista lashes from the dramatic lash set from the xobeauty shop i cut the ends that would be going into the corner of my eye just a little bit to make it sit on my eyelid a bit better then i just applied glue and placed them on my lid. After that I just applyed some mascara on the lower lash line to complete the eye look. then I did my usual contour, blush and highlighting routine with some simple lip balm on my lips to keep them moisturised and healthy. and to finish it all of it did some loose curls in my hair and was ready to take on the world! (or in reality binge watch netflix for hours on end) 

So this is the finished look i was quite happy with how it turned out and it lasted all day without any noticeable creasing or smudging at all. I’d like to think this look could be worn as a day or night look but that’s all up to the person that wears it! Oh and yes i am wearing a deathly hallows t-shirt thanks for noticing (wink wink) if you are interested in this pallete here is a link:shaaanxo palette feel free to check it out if really is an amazing palette.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I’d love to hear some feedback. thanks for reading! Until next time! xo

Disclamer: This is not an affiliation. i paid for all items myself and all opinions are my own.


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