University prep!

After recently getting accepted into my local university I realised there was so much I needed to plan and prepare for! Im dedicated to making sure I don’t get behind on any of my assignments and keeping myself motivated for all my classes. I wanted to make sure I had everything I could need for all my classes and be super prepared! So these are some of the main things I believe are necessary for preparation to being study! 

Even if you’re not going to university (or collage) these things can help you for high school aswell! 

This is my Microsoft surface pro 4, I bought this because I realised I needed to update my laptop aswell as I needed something small and mobile so that I could take it with me to the university campus without it being big and bulky, weighing me down all day during classes and in between classes aswell. 

This is perfect for that as it is so compact and is more like a tablet then a laptop but add on an attachable keyboard and it is just like a laptop. It can download any documents you may need and can have Microsoft word, PowerPoint and all the other applications you may need for study. 

Above is just some of the note books and calendars I picked up on sale from my local typo, these are great for organisation and for notes for all your classes. The whiteboard calendar is great for writing down when assignments are due and for when your classes are. 

This is my backpack and I just love it!  It fits all my books, laptop, water bottle and of course some snacks! I love the faux brown leather look and it is super easy to clean if it gets dirty. I’ve actually had this for years and it has been so useful and doesn’t even show that it’s been used for so long.

This water bottle is perfect for travel because it has a seal locked top so it doesn’t leak no matter how much you throw it around. I got it from cotton on for only $5 with any purchase.

I feel so ready to start my university course and can’t wait to start learning new things! I hope this helps you with any study organisation you may need for your own studying purposes! Thanks for reading until next time! Xo


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