Surface pro 4 review 

Recently I decided I wanted a new laptop or tablet because my old one was running slow and I just wanted to try one of the new tablet/ laptop devices that are going around the market right now. 

I decided I was either going to get the iPad Pro or the Microsoft surface pro 4. I decided on the surface pro because it was more like a laptop it could run all the things I would need it too without any problems or needing to download a bunch of stuff just to run. The iPad Pro in my own opinion is pretty much just a big iPhone and wouldn’t be as useful for university work and study like I needed it for and I knew I would download games if I did get it so I wanted to avoid that.

Now I bought the 128gb one which came with the special pen designed for the surface pro that magneticly attaches to the side of the tablet and I also purchased the bright blue keyboard (sold separately) so I could use it as a laptop when I needed too it also magnetically snaps onto the bottom of the tablet so it becomes a more laptop look. It has an attached stand that just pops of the back and is adjustable so you can stand it on any angle for where your sitting. It has one USB port on the side so you can connect phones, ipods, and anything else you may need to plug into the laptop. It also has a magnetic charging port so when you plug in your charger it just snaps in with no effort and if you do accidentally pull it out it just slips out without damaging the port or the cord. You can download iTunes, word, PowerPoint and anything else you may need to use on to it as well so you aren’t limited by it at all.

Now I’m not a tech wizard I can’t tell you all the details of its ‘core prosessor’ or any big computer details but I’m very sure there are some amazing tech blogs out there that you could look into if you want more details but from what I can tell and from what I have experienced this is a great laptop tablet and is super easy to use and transport. I’m yet to have any issues with it as of yet and if i do I will do an updated review but overall I am quite pleased with my purchase.

I am very glad I chose the surface pro 4 it has all the Microsoft word and PowerPoint applications I may need for study and research during my future study plans. I feel it was a good investment and do recommend it if your after a light portable tablet/laptop that can do pretty much anything you could need it to, thanks for reading! Xo


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