Lime crime haul/collection 

So during the New Years sales I found some lime crime makeup available on the dolls kill website and since I had a gift card from Christmas I decided to order some and give it a try myself!

So I currently have 4 velvetines from left to right there is: saint, teddy bear, raven and marshmallow. I was quite surprised with how well these say on the lips! I was super happy, I wore them all day and ate dinner and it didn’t flake or rub off at all! The colour pay off is great and they have so many different shades available to match whatever look you are after!

Above is the lime crime Venus II eyeshadow palette it has amazing shades I just love the baby blue shade called filter and the dark black with blue glitter called boot. I also love the look of all the other shade I just have to work up the courage to use them for a look.

The bright pink lipsticks are called unicorn lipsticks they were some of the first lipsticks the company released I have the two shades countessa fluorescent which is a bright fluorescent pink (hence the name) and the shade great pink planet which is a nice light pink shade, I’ve had those two for quite some time and used to wear them quite often but since having blue hair I don’t really reach for them much since I feel it clashes with my hair a bit too much.

Overall I just love these products and can’t wait to get more to try and play around with! Thanks for reading and let me know if you would be interested in swatches and makeup looks using these products. Thanks for reading! Until next time! Xo


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