Colourpop cosmetics haul pt 2

Colourpop released there own pressed powder eyeshadows and magnetic pans. There are about 24 different shades in the collections and they have a deal going where if you buy 4 individual shades you get a free magnetic palette with your order!

So I had to take advantage of this deal while I could so I ordered 4 shades as well as two super shock shadows and a lipstick set aswell just to get the free international shipping (free over $50 usd)

This is the free palette you get with the order and the four shades I chose to put in it. The shades are from left to right:

  • Back seat: a shimmery greenish blue shade
  • Piece of cake: a deep blue matte shade
  • Lost and found: a light blue matte shade
  • Liar liar: a shimmery light highlighting shade ( great for the inner eye

I love these shades and have already used them all to create an eye look (blog coming soon) they have great pigment and to me make a great combination!

These are the for fox sake collection it comes with:

  • Trap: ultra matte lip
  • My jam: ultra glossy lip
  • Echo park: ultra satin lip
  • Man eater: ultra metallic lip
  • Beeper: ultra matte lip

I love this set! Since I didn’t own any of colourpop’s lipsticks I wasn’t really sure what formula to try first so when I seen this set I was so happy, I love matte lipsticks and really wanted to try a satin or matallic lipstick and seeing this set was just a match made in makeup heaven! (Swatch blog coming soon)

These are two of the other super shock shadows I also got, I may have got them just to round up the shipping costs, the first shade is called too shy and is an amazing shimmery blue shade, but I’m actually super happy I got them especially when I found out the bottom shade (with the cute little paw print) called puppy love, all the proceeds will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society and their NKLA effort to Save all the animals! Which I think is just an amazing way for a cosmetics company to help.

I love all the products that I ordered and am yet to find a colourpop product that I don’t love! I highly recommend there products if you can get your hands on them! Thanks for reading, until next time! Xo


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