Coconut oil, worth the hype? 

Im sure youve all seen the massive trend thst coconut oil has started, people say its a miracle oil that can help with everything from acne to hair treatments so i decided to put some of the more well known and unknown treatments to the test on myself! 

Hair treatment 

So this is the most know usage of coconut oil, its all over the internet. It’s said that coconut oil is full of natural healthy things that can help repair any damage you may have done to your hair over the years weather it’s from bleaching and dying or just from using heated hair styling products. 

I decided to give this a go since I do dye and style my hair quite often and hoped it would make my hair healthier and repair any damage that my have been done. 

I simply bought a jar of organic coconut oil which was about $8 aud I believe, all I did to prepare it was simply melt it in a pot on the stove top but I’m sure you can just put it in the microwave if you needed. After melting a couple table spoons of it I waited for it too cool down to room temperature, I then massaged some of it into my hair focusing on the scalp and ends of my hair. I left it in for a couple hours so it could set in and work it’s magic, then I just washed my hair like normal and air dried it to avoid damage. 

I did like the way my hair felt but personally I felt it didn’t feel over the top healthy the way other people have said it would. I was happy with it but i could have just washed my hair and felt just the same. Of course I’m not sure if it help repair any damage but I don’t think it did from what I could see. 

Makeup remover 

This one I was excited to try mostly because coconut oil is so cheap and doesn’t take much effort to prepare so it would be perfect to remove my makeup at the end of a long day, so I just prepared it the same way as before and used my finger tips to massage it into my skin to try and lift the makeup, I used a cotton wipe to wipe of my makeup but I really wasn’t that impressed with it, it didn’t really take anything off it just sort of moved it around and made a mess. So I feel that one wasn’t really worth it which was a shame I really wanted it to work out for me 

Psoriasis/eczema treatment

Now this one I was so excited for! Now incase you didn’t know this about me I have quite bad psoriasis over most of my body (legs, scalp, torso, arms, chest) so I was excited to see if it would help clear up my skin even the smallest bit would be perfect for me. So I yet again prepared it In the same way and massaged it into my skin and let it sit over about 4 hours and then washed it off. Surprisingly it did help calm down my spots they went from bright red and itchy to nice smooth skin. The redness went right down and the colour improved greatly. Now don’t get me wrong this is not a cure or anything like that it’s just a light treatment to help soothe any discomfort you may have like I know I have had for years now. 

Clean makeup brushes 

Now i always forget to clean my brushes so i was excited to try this, but after doing the usual prep and everything I did not like this one, it did clean the brushes a little but it didn’t do it well enough for me to approve it, after I washed them I left them to dry over night but the next day they felt super oily and were completely unusable I even had to rewash them with proper brush cleaning shampoo. I really didn’t like this one and do not recommend it 

Overall I had so much fun experimenting with these tests and seeing the results (or lack thereof) I would love to know if you have tried any of these or if you have some other tips and tricks on how to use this oil. Thanks for reading! Until next time! Xo


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