Benefit brow kit!

Benefit is an amazing brand that have recently re-released all there brow products and oh my gosh! they are so beautifully packaged and are really good quality. Quite a few youtubers and bloggers where sent over to Las Vegas for the launch of all the products including demonstrations of what all the products are for and how to use them all.

I managed to pick up this kit from my local Myer benefit stall and was so excited to try it myself.

So this is the soft and natural brow kit that I picked up, it contains:

  • high brow
  • Goof-proof brow pencil
  • ready set brow
  • Stencil holder
  • stencils (not pictured)

It comes in the cutest tin that can hold all the products and if you horde your pretty packaging like I do then this set is perfect! I still keep the tin even though I store the products elsewhere now. It’s just a really cute tin that can be used for anything that will fit and is also great for all those instagram makeup flatlays you may do.( if that’s your thing)

The high brow is a nice creamy pencil you use to highlight the brow bone once you’ve shaped and filled In the brow.

the goof-proof brow pencil is very thin and easy to handle and comes with a very useful brow brush on the end to help you shape the brow.

I swatched them both on my arm so you can atleast have an idea of how they look on the skin and what the colour is like.

This is one of my most used products and it’s only the small tester I was given! I use it in my everyday makeup just to brush over my brows to give them a bit of colour and more shape without putting in heaps of effort. Unfortunately it doesn’t come in the pack but I did get it for free as a sample and will definitely pick it up in the full size once I run out of this one. (FYI I’ve had it for about 4 months and it’s still going!)

This is the ready set brow that pretty much sets your brows in place once you have shaped them the way you want, once this is on I can assure you they will not move. This gel like substance is like glue and your brows will stay in place until you wipe or wash it off. I was very impressed by this product and highly recommend it for if you have a busy life or just untameable brows.

Benefit cosmetics have a very wide range of products and these are just a few I have picked up, I’m sure no matter what shape, style or thickness your brows are benefit will have some products prefect for you! And if you are unsure you can always pop in to your local store ( if your lucky enough to have one near you) and they have a lovely team of brow technicians that will be willing to help you reach those “brow goals” what ever they may be. Thanks for reading! Xo

Disclaimer: I paid for all products and all thoughts and photos are my own. I am in no way affiliated with benefit cosmetics.


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