lime crime venus II swatches

I recently picked up a couple lime crime products from the dollskill website and decided to share my thoughts and some swatches of the Venus II eyeshadow palette. These are all my own thoughts and opinions and I did purchase this product myself. Enjoy! 

above shows all the shades In the Venus II palette. from left to right there are the shades:

  • Pigeon: a Warm brown shade with a slight shimmer. 
  • filter:  bright baby blue matte 
  • marsh: green/Olive matte 
  • mustard: mustard yellow matte
  • Fly: bright yellow Shimmer
  • jam: warm orange matte
  • mud: brownish/red matte
  • boot: black matte with blue glitter 

l also swatched all the shades so you can see how all the shades look on the skin. They are quite pigmented and blend out really well and also blend into other colours really smoothly. This palette has some amazing matte shades and some nice shimmer shades aswell so you have quite a few options when it comes to creating looks. 

I hope this helps you get an idea of what the shades in the Venus II eyeshadow palette are like and helps you decide if you would like to purchase it and have a play around yourself! I will be posting a look I created with this palette soon so keep a look out for that or if your interested you can feel free to turn on notifications! Thanks for reading! Xo



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