Black milk clothing: dream weaver 

Here is a quick look at what I bought from the black milk release! That I’m just obsessed with! 

These are the sporty stripes powder blue hosiery and I just love the colour! I knew I would wear these with all my dresses and skirts despite the bright colour.

These are the green galaxy shorts they are so amazing and stand out so much I’m obsessed with them and know I will be wearing them all the time! 

This dress was the main peice I wanted from this release, it is so beautiful! One side is a green galaxy like the shorts above and the other side is the orb forest that is an amazing blue forest look that I just love! 

This is the ice queen sheer maxi skirt and I had to get it! I knew it would be a tough peice to style since it is see through but I was willing to try.! 

I hope you enjoyed a quick look at the peices I picked up and if you would like to see more I will be posting different styles on my Instagram if you would like to check that out my user name is wintersdaughter_   Thanks for looking! Xo


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